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Introducing Analytics Hub

In 2008, Chris Anderson coined the term “The Long Tail” and wrote a book on this phenomenon. Ten years later, the long tail is omnipresent in every aspect of our lives including the way we learn and master new skills. There are multiple forces at play and we at Analytics Hub believe that these forces will play a crucial role in our success as a company.

Democratizing knowledge: With our academy, we want to democratize Qlik knowledge by providing project-based training that enhances Qlik skill for our students. We want to use the Internet to make Qlik training accessible and affordable to thousands of students across the globe. A student who subscribes to our Pro membership will work in cohorts to complete the project. They will also get help for Qlik certifications and interview preparation. We are on a mission to build a vibrant and growing student community that can make constant learning interactive and fun.  



Democratizing distribution: We at Analytics Hub realize that learning never stops. In this fast-changing technology landscape, you have to keep learning to stay competitive and to command a higher salary. Most training programs fail to deliver value since they lack to deliver continuous, topic-based training that can engage and empower students to acquire a new skill or to keep improving the level of skill. With the ease of distribution, we at Analytics Hub will provide live workshops on a regular basis at no cost to our students who enroll in the Pro membership. Students will benefit from our growing list of online Qlik courses along with their ability to post questions and get answers from instructors and other students. The Tail: Our goal at Analytics Hub is to provide services to our clients regardless of their size as we realize that there are lot more companies on the long tail in terms of their revenue and IT budget. With over 25 years of collective technical experience in all things Qlik, Analytics Hub can not only provide Qlik training but also become a consulting company that can provide cost-effective Qlik solutions with best practices. We are excited to embark on this journey and to promote the launch of our company, we are offering 50% off, coupon code ah50,  to our standard and pro membership to help you kick start your journey to become a Qlik expert.


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