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Qlik GeoAnalytics Webinar

If you are a Qlik developer, you may already know how to add various layers using Qlik GeoAnalytics.

Imagine this challenge: you’ve been asked to bring a custom image, and associate it with the data model.

A shapefile has to be created by converting vectors into polygons, and then the difficult task is to remove gazillion unnecessary polygons from the image so that it is clean enough to bring in to your Qlik Sense application.

It sounds like a mountain to climb. Right?

We just kick-started our webinar series by hosting our first webinar to show the step-by-step process to make a seemingly daunting task simple enough for you to bring a digitized image as a map background in your Qlik Sense application.

As depicted in this GeoAnalytics map, we had participants from around the globe.

I am ceaselessly amazed at the power of the Internet and the role it plays in democratizing knowledge around the globe.

You can watch the replay here.

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