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QVD Metadata

Both QlikView and Qlik Sense can interchangeably use QVD files. If you have QVD files created by QlikView and if you are embarking on Qlik Sense to develop new applications, you can leverage existing QVD files.

That said, you may want to create a Qlik Sense application to show QVD metadata from all extract layer QVD files so that developers can get some metadata information such as table name, field name, number of fields and number of rows.

Let’s go through the script step-by-step.

Load data from all QVD files in a folder

// Load QVD files

set vQVDPath = ‘lib://QVDFiles\’;

load * from $(vQVDPath)*.qvd(qvd);

Neseted FOR loops to extract QVD metadata

// Extract metadata from each QVD file

for t=0 to NoOfTables() – 1

for f=1 to NoOfFields(TableName($(t)))

 Let fname = FieldName($(f), TableName($(t)));
 Let tname = TableName($(t));



// table name

‘$(tname)’ as QVDName,

// field name

FieldName($(f),’$(tname)’) as [Field Name],

// no of rows

NoOfRows(‘$(tname)’) as [Number of Rows],

// load date

today() as LoadDate

AutoGenerate 1


// Create a concatenated list of values for each field



 FieldName($(f), '$(tname)') as [Field Name],
 concat(distinct [$(fname)], '-') as values

 Resident $(tname);

next f

next t


Load [Field Name],
subfield(values, ‘-‘) as Fieldvalues
Resident Fieldvalues
where match([Field Name], ‘Country’, ‘City’)

exit Script


Now, you can create a pivot table to show QVD name, field name along with field values.

QVD Metadata

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