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A Qlik Sense CLI for App Migration between Environments

Last week I came across an interesting requirement to move an app from one server to another, including community sheets.

Is it really possible? I was hoping that it is so I looked for a solution.

Yes, you can do it. It’s straightforward, copy app binary, rename it and change the file extension to .qvf and import it in another environment.

Great! will it keep the sheet published status, approved status and owner info as is?

I have a bad news for you.

No, all the community sheets will become base sheets and the person migrating the app will become the owner of all the app objects, sheets, bookmarks, and stories.

I have tried searching through Qlik community and Qlik knowledge base, and have not found an easy solution for this problem. The best answer I found is to change the published and approved status and object ownership manually. For the smaller app, it is ok to apply changes manually, but for bigger apps with more sheets and objects, it’s complicated.

Enter my effort to come up with a solution to address this major issue that I am sure all of you are facing at work.

I spent a weekend and created node CLI app to migrate the Qlik Sense app from one environment to another including community sheets and its published, approved and ownership metadata.


Let’s see it in action.

Considering the fact that it is a tall order to migrate a Qlik Sense application with community sheets with original ownership from one environment to another, and that there is no solution available to address this business conundrum, I hope you will find it helpful.

Please feel free to download and share your feedback so that we can make it better in future releases.


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5 Responses
  1. gopi krishna

    Hi Team,

    we want to test this tool, we have downloaded and tried to use but it shows this version is expired. can you please help us to provide latest version to test the tool

  2. Stephen


    I would really like to try this tool, but the version does not work as it is expired.
    Can you please let me know how I can test this asap?

    Thank you!


  3. Stephen

    We accidently deleted 4 apps, which resulted in the loss of 1800 user objects. Although we did had a backup, it would be very hard to put these objects back and maintaining the object owners. A normal restore would assign all the user objects to 1 user, which would be useless.
    But with this tool, we were able to restore everything as it was, which saved us tons of work.
    So I am very grateful that we could use this tool.

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