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Cyclic Dimensions in a Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Sense mashups are web pages that allow you to embed charts from various Qlik Sense applications.

Users on a web page will have the same associative experience while interacting with charts.

Mashups offer immense value if you have a web page with other content along with charts from Qlik Sense applications.

With a set of Capability APIs, you can enrich user experience in many ways.

One good use case is to create a drop-down list of dimension names and use that as a cyclic dimension group for a chart.

First, create a drop-down list in the HTML file using Visual Studio Code or any other editor of your choice.

Next, declare two Javascript variables to store objects for each dimension you want to include in the cyclic dimension group.

Finally, let’s use JQuery selector to check when a user selects a different value from the drop-down list in order to use applypatches method based on the selected value.

Applypatches method in the capability API does the real magic by dynamically modifying the chart properties based on the user selection.

Now, you can imagine other possible ways to enrich user experience by using the power of Capability API in your next mashup project.

How Can We Help You Learn Capability APIs

We have added two in-dept courses on Capability APIs to help you master Qlik Sense mashups.

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