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Qlik Sense Charity Workshop

Our world has morphed into a world of hermits.

Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc globally, and it has been devastating for impoverished nations.

So, while we are living like a hermit, why don’t we master a new skill and donate to make a difference in the lives of millions who are struggling during this terrible pandemic?

An idea was born — let’s teach Qlik Sense in a full, one day workshop by using live COVID-19 data set from Georgia department of health.

All we request you is to donate a small amount directly to

They are a charity partner and doing fantastic work in parts of the world where people desperately need our help.

The Workshop is on Saturday,  June 13th, 2020.

1. Please donate $99 or more to attend the workshop:

Note: Please add the “COVID-19 Workshop” in the comment.

2. Please register for the workshop once you donate.  (You can also download curriculum)

You will build a COVID-19 application and even learn how to create mashups using the same app.

We hope that you will help us raise funds for such a great cause, all the while learning a valuable and marketable skill.

Note: You can also donate and allow someone else to attend the workshop.

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