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The Magic Quadrant

Every year, Gartner publishes its annual business intelligence magic quadrant. Those of us passionate about Qlik anxiously await to see Qlik as a leader in the quadrant for the past six years.

This simple yet effective visualization provides context that matters most to analyze data and gain insight from it.

When it comes to data, context is king — Dalton Ruer.

I wanted to walk you through how I created the magic quadrant that can take a mediocre scatterplot chart and morph it into a lively, interactive, context-driven magic quadrant.

Let’s start with list of dimensions you may want to use as a cyclic group.

Next, let’s create two variable expressions for the X & Y axis reference lines in the scatterplot chart.

Notice that we are using a parametrized variable to allow cyclic dimension value based on the user selection.

From the fields asset panel in the chart editor, select “Fields” and change field settings by selecting the “Always one selected value” option.

Let’s create a scatterplot chart next.

Dimension: =’$(=GetFieldSelections([Fields]))’

Measures: Sales, Margin

Let’s add custom color expression by changing the color property under appearance menu.

Color expression:

if(sum(Sales) < $(=$(eSalesColor($(=GetFieldSelections([Fields]))))) and sum(Sales – (UnitCost * Quantity)) < $(=$(eMarginColor($(=GetFieldSelections([Fields]))))), ‘#CD5C5C’, if(sum(Sales) > $(=$(eSalesColor($(=GetFieldSelections([Fields]))))) and sum(Sales – (UnitCost * Quantity)) > $(=$(eMarginColor($(=GetFieldSelections([Fields]))))), ‘#D4EFDF’, ‘#a6daf7’))

Now, it’s time to add X & Y reference lines.

X-axis reference line expression:

Y-axis reference line expression:

That’s all there is to morph a dull scatterplot into a context-driven magic quadrant that is fun to interact with and gain insight from it.

Now, it’s much easier for users to visualize leaders, laggards and up and coming customers, products, or sales person based on user selections.

A scatterplot chart with dynamic x & y axis reference lines and bubble color.


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