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It’s been a few short months since we launched and we thank you for your support. Our commitment is to create quality content that you can apply at your next Qlik project. Our approach is simple — we want to call it a “deep dive” approach so that we can create smaller courses that let you deep dive into a specific domain area and help you master it by...
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Qlik Sense is a powerful self-service analytics tool. It allows you to build a data model by bringing data from diverse data sources using data manager without writing a single line of a script. That’s fabulous! But, what if you have to deal with common data challenges such as synthetic keys and circular reference? It seems like a tall order for someone who hasn’t mastered Qlik scripting yet. Right? Worry...
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If you are a Qlik developer, you may already know how to add various layers using Qlik GeoAnalytics. Imagine this challenge: you’ve been asked to bring a custom image, and associate it with the data model. A shapefile has to be created by converting vectors into polygons, and then the difficult task is to remove gazillion unnecessary polygons from the image so that it is clean enough to bring in...
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Have you ever wondered how to create a digitized human body map in Qlik Sense to show what individual body parts had the most scans? Or, a warehouse floor plan that shows product inventory? If so, you are not alone! Qlik Sense GeoAnalytics offers various layers and operations to create a very powerful Geospatial visualization for your users. Nonetheless, there are times when you want a CAD drawing to be...
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Few days ago, I received an email from a blog subscriber with an interesting conundrum he is dealing with. “I am trying to subset data to find all customers who purchased in each of these years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). Basically, the customer would have made at least one purchase in each consecutive year, and did not have gaps in those years. These would be considered good customers because...
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