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There is nothing impossible under the Sun if you are a Qlik developer.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but a skilled Qlik developer can indeed do magic!

You may scramble to deal with multiple date fields in other tools, but not with Qlik if you know how to.

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Just as a brain teaser, here is the question that will test your skill if you want to pursue Qlik Sense or QlikView data architect certification.

Question: Use an order table to create a line chart to show # of orders placed and # of orders Shipped by Order MonthYear and ShipDate MonthYear, respectively (See the image below).

Which approach will you take to create a master calendar to fulfill the above requirement?

Order Table:



  1. Create 2 Master Calendars, one for ShipDate and one for OrderDate
  2. Create a Link table and 2 Master Calendars, one for ShipDate and one for OrderDate.
  3. Create a Link table and a Master Calendar
  4. Create a Master Calendar and associate it with ShipDate and OrderDate

Can you answer this question? Here is the sample data set in case if you want to work on the solution yourself.

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  1. Swarit

    It will be 3, 3 rd will also do the same what 4 is doing. With link table we connect master calendar and a flag in link table will specify which date it is – order or shipping

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