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Qlik Mashups


Qlik Sense offers various APIs for web development.

Arguably, the most useful API is the capability API.

You can create mashups easily and integrate mashups into another web application.

Having said that, one of the hurdles you will face is to find object id of a chart that you want to add into your mashup if you are customizing the Javascript code manually.

There are two easy ways to get object ids if you are running Qlik Sense locally.

  1. Add /options/developer/ at the end of the URL once you open an app in the Qlik Sense hub. Click on the “Developer” option to see the object id.
Add …/options/developer/ at the end of the URL

2. Erik Wetterberg has created an awesome Qlik Sense Chrome tools.

Unlike an extension, this plug-in requires no installation, and it gives you a plethora of information such as object id, properties, layout etc.

It also gives you access to the Qlik Sense script.

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