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Whether you are considering a career in Qlik or you are a Qlik consultant, Analytics Hub student services will be invaluable for you Qlik career. If you are a company, our services can not only build and maintain Qlik solutions but also train your workforce

Services for students

Analytics Hub offers project based Qlik training so that you can master gamut of Qlik skills with real-world scenarios that will prepare you for a successful career as a Qlik developer.

We believe that training never ends as Qlik Sense evolves so rapidly. It is imperative for you to keep up with your Qlik skill to remain competitive.

Analytics Hub trainers work in the trenches so we teach from our own experience.

Consider Analytics Hub as a single source of Qlik knowledge that will set you apart from others and thus you can earn more with your superior Qlik skill.

Services for Companies

Data is new oil and your competitive advantage depends on your ability to leverage your data to make insight driven, smart decisions.

Analytics Hub can provide Qlik expertise to not only build Qlik Sense applications but also to diagnose, analyze and enhance existing Qlik applications.

We can also create custom mashups or extensions that suit your need at the most competitive rate in the industry.

If you find it difficult to train your Analytics team so that they can build Qlik applications, Analytics Hub offers custom Qlik training programs for companies.